Friday, December 27, 2013

Detail #70: A participle-like form

In the participle-rich language I described way back, one of the participles could perchance work a bit like this:

Applies to a verb related to

  • having a social status (to rule, to serve, to minister, to teach, to lead an army, to be an outcast, to be exiled, to be ostracized, to be a man of religious significance, to be a woman of religious significance, to be a monk, to be a soldier)
  • obtaining a social status (generally the previous verbs in transitional forms, to marry, to be baptized (or analogous religious verbs), to be granted membership in certain kinds of fraternities and organizations, to join things, to enlist in the army, to be entrusted with a responsibility, to be granted some privilege or title, to be granted a higher rank, to ascend a throne, to be found innocent, to be found guilty, to be imprisoned, to be released)
  • loosing a social status (to abdicate, to be discharged, etc)
The resulting form is used with people associated with the person to whom the verb refers:

abdicate-prtcpl mother: the mother of the abdicated (king)
defrocked-prtcpl sister  : the sister of the defrocked (priest)
army-lead-prtcpl friends : the friends of the general

Often, due to the social importance of the parent-child relationship, sons, daughters and parents are the most often used nouns when these participles are attributes, but they may appear with any kind of social relationship. At times, the participle is used as a head of a noun phrase itself, and then may refer to some relevant relation to the person that has the referred to status.

At times, it is used as a complement, and may have different connotations:
he was being-man-of-religious-significance.prtcpl : he made (his contextually relevant relation) turn into a man of religious significance (generally this indicates something comparable to bishop)
she wanted heal.prtcpl = she wanted her son/daughter to be a doctor
he resented being-granted-priviliges.prtcpl = he resented that his brother(?) was granted privileges (which by implication he wanted for himself)

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