Friday, September 16, 2016

Ćwarmin Vocabulary: Monetary Terminology

Ćwarmin monetary terminology is largerly borrowed from Bryatesle, but a fair share of native terms also serve in this part of the lexicon.
caska - coins (uncountable, value by weight)
koxrov - scales (for comparing monetary value)
roson - a weight (of suitable size and precision for measuring monetary value)
kampuca - a 'seam' in a large coin for breaking it into pieces of smaller value (from bryatesle kampı-, 'break')
malas - silver (Bryatesle malas, (f), silver coin)
murmalas - silver coin (silver + diminutive)
wormalas - silver vessel (silver + augmentative)
ŋiləs - gold
dʒiŋiləs - gold ring (gold + diminutive)
liŋiləs - a gold coin (gold + diminutive)
kosas - a bag for keeping valuables in
solor - a gem (any kind; colour adjectives and quality adjectives combine to form names for their types)
marug - debt, from maran, carry
 For monetary transactions, there's a few verbs and phrases:
marugdan +dat - to be in debt to someone
marugdan +dat +acc - to be in debt acc amount to dat person
marulsan (+acc) (+dat) - to become indebted

faxson +acc +obj compl - to pay obj compl price for an object
ŋitir +acc +obj compl- to demand obj compl price for an object
koŋtal +acc +obj compl - to offer object for obj compl price

sintir - to sell
sinə - ware, merchandize

One verb that often is used when agreeing to buy something can be seen in the following example:
iś koxro-kt-a-ŋl-ou
it-acc weigh-perfective-imperative**-1p_pauc
"let's weigh it out"
Since payment generally is performed using some form of scales, 'weighing it out' is essentially a phrase for paying. This can also mean 'I take it'.

** this particular morpheme, -ŋl- only appears with non-third person non-singulars as an imperative, hortative, jussive, etc mood.

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