Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diminutives in Sargaĺk

Sargaĺk, much like its southern neighbours, has diminutives. It forms them in its own ways, however. Three common ways, of varying productiveness, are these:

Initial clipping: for many bisyllabic or longer nouns, the first syllable can be dropped or replaced by the vowel in it:
barxas : xas, axas sheep, lamb
setirmun : tirmun coat, vest
resvat: svat rope, short piece of rope
Derivational suffixes:
-pe- (m), -gi- (f), -sni- (m), -sa- (f), -se- (m), -si- (f)
Stress movement: for many words, stress movement to the last syllable can be an indicator of diminutiveness.
kádil, kadíl : tree, little tree
vípek, vipék : sharp edge, sharp point

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