Thursday, May 5, 2016

Some Sargaĺk Vocabulary with Etymologies

I have been thinking a bit about Sargaĺk historical linguistics, and while trying to come up with some kind of sound change history, I've come up with a bunch of historical roots and a bunch of words derived from those, which I hope form a sufficiently interesting system to be able to use for Dairwueh and Bryatesle as well, while being able to maintain the rather considerable divergences between the three languages. This is a very tentative attempt, and thus subject to lots of future changes. I have not even verified that there's a reasonable sound change path from the roots to the Sargaĺk lexemes, but I should get on that soon.
ak'ot fishbone (mass noun), *erk'ot
anməs leaf, blade (of knife) *almats leaf
ar foot, *aḍe foot
banil lid, *barner, lid
bak'am mute, *bak',mute
garəc whale oil, *ngerta slide, slip, glide
gigu lip, from *bwikbi lips
i about, for, by, *iji, say of, speak of, be spoken for by
oar, *jilıt stick, beam
seal, *ıjka crawl
iknur seal-skin jacket, *ıjka crawl, *nowr skin
j slight, small, irrelevant, *
jajas weight, *ʒiagea to carry something heavy
jajra of unit weight
jax path, sequence, melody, *jaska walk
joŋa tooth, *ʒoŋər tooth
kolom a largeish fire made in a somewhat constant fireplace, *kolv
k'epar the heart, from *k'aipka, 'thump'
ĺp'a musk ox *lẹp' wool
luŋta crooked, *rungru bend
ĺy tasty, c.f. Bryatesle lim! (mm!), Dairwueh lien!
a small fire, *nuks, a spark
pelyant roll of rope, *pal knot, *lyanta pile, bunch
ŕvosk slut, whore, *rəwatsk
sxome knife *sfaumei steel
toxon a type of mushroom *tasko mushrooms
uvas a member of a whale-hunting team, *ıbaa fetch
uvra a fully manned whale-hunting team
xorga eager, enthusiastic, avid, well-rested *skour?e

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